Sunday, November 15, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 11/15/09

  1. "Just Wanna Try", Luna Matto

  2. "Suenos", Chasing the Muse
    First off, let me mention a couple of shows taking place tonight. Luna Matto opens for Kate Havenevik and Levi Waver at Prophet Bar. She will go on around 8:00 or so, and Luna Matto is quickly becoming one of my favorite acts in Dallas now. If you have yet to witness a show, you need to. I've yet to see Chasing the Muse, but like what I've heard of them so far. Thie song "Suenos" reminds me of Five Leaves Left period Nick Drake, and lead vocalist Aleah Dillard has a gorgeously haunting voice. If you feel like going out tonight, either show would be worth going to.

  3. "Takes One to Know One", Erik Neff
    I had the privilege of having Mr. Neff perform at my last Club Dada GOBL showcase, and this man knows how to work a guitar. His bluesy numbers, like this track, show him at his best. He'll open Saturday night's show at Trees, with David Cote Band, Vallejo, and Del Castillo performing afterwards.

  4. "Manic", Here Holy Spain
    I nominate "Manic" as the best hard rock local track of the year. The opening guitar riff is memorable and sucked me in at first listen. I'm sure the band will play this song Saturday Night at Double-Wide. HHS headlines the show, with The Mag Seven and Cruiserweight opening.

  5. "The Sticking Place", Most
    Props to my friend Conner, who made me aware of this band. The intro to this song goes on a tad long for my taste, but once the vocals kick in, the song really takes off. Half trip-hop and half jazz, Olivia de Guzman Emile provides the perfect vocals for her band. If all of their songs prove to be this intriguing and beautiful, then this band might take off.

  6. "Red in the Morning", Menkena
    Have I mentioned lately how much I love Menkena? Well, it's worth repeating.

  7. "Style of the Trace", [DARYL]
    I've been listening to The Crash That Took Me's new CD a whole lot lately, so I decided I'd go back and give a listen to Dylan Silver's previous band, [DARYL]. The songs are a little heavier than those by TCTTM, but Mr. Silver's experimental nature has always been present. This track comes from their release on Beatville Records, The Technology, and it's one of those rare concept albums that works. It's an album best listened to in its entirity, as the instrumental breaks between the song really add a great musical contrast between the piano interludes and the electric songs.

  8. "Robin", Little Black Dress
    There's been a definite mixed reaction to the debut of 91.7 KXT. Whatever else, I dare anyone to come up with a station that plays a better mix of good music than KXT. Plus, I love getting to hear local tracks like this one on the radio. It's also nice to have bands like Little Black Dress playing live in their studios. I give the stations two thumbs up, and I'd give it three thumbs up if only I had a third hand.

  9. "Young & Reckless", The Roomsounds
    Between KXT and The Local Edge show, the state of local music on the radio hasn't been this good since, well, I can't remember when. This is one of many great songs I've discovered through Mark's radio show.

  10. "Unfavorable Way", Trey Johnson
    It's funny that this track, which initially I did not like, has probably become my favorite off of Mount Pelee. You can catch Mr. Johnson perform tracks from said CD this Friday night at Sons of Hermann Hall. Salim Nourallah and The Dave Little Meltdown will open the show.

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