Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week in Review (11/4/07-11/10/07)

Here’s what you need to know, in Cliff notes version:

KDGE sucks even more than usual now that The Adventure Club is gone. I can only hope the tyrants, I mean CEO’s, don’t axe The Local Show. True, it’s not as good as The Adventure Club, but it’s the only show on mainstream radio that gives a damn about the local music scene.
• The band Tonite Tonite has broken up. The music is quiet and somewhat raw, and that’s the beauty of the band. I never got to experience the band live, and it appears I never will. I can only hope that the upcoming album, produced by Salim Nourallah, will see the light of day. Keep your fingers crossed; perhaps lead singer Andres Negrete will keep playing either with a new band or solo. It would be criminal for these songs to die with the band.
Hogpig has broken up as well. Rumor has it that the members were arrested for kicking too much ass with their music. Seriously, this is one of those rare bands for me where my ears bled AND I enjoyed it.
• More Dallas clubs went before the City Planning Commission, and Monkey Bar has joined Club One and Tomcats even the ever growing graveyard of Deep Ellum/Exposition Park clubs. Clubs like Dada, Double Wide, The Bone, Fallout Lounge, and too many others to name, go before Dallas City Council on December 12th. These are scary times for clubs; there are too many vultures trying to swoop down and destroy Deep Ellum. They talk about “the future of Deep Ellum” with no understanding of its past and what made it the successful, vibrant neighborhood it once was. Dallas has plenty of high-rise communities; we cannot afford to destroy what once was the center of Dallas music (and what could be the center once again) in favor of more homes for yuppies. Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox.
• Actually, let me get back on for one more second. Bar of Soap has been going through some rough times lately, so if you're in the Exposition Park area, swing in for a second and have a drink. Oh, and bring your dirty laundry too. Where else can you do necessary chores AND toss back a few with some friends?
• Black Tie Dynasty brings their 80’s meets 00’s sound to Firewater tonight. If you go to that show, make sure to get there in time for The Orange. I have a feeling this band is gonna explode soon. Go see them tonight and see them “before they were stars.”
• Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights and ODIS are playing at Double Wide tonight. I guess it is soul music, trailer trash style? Opener Kristin Leigh is a little of an unusual choice for an opener, sounding closer to Joni Mitchell than Aretha Franklin. But just because it’s an odd pairing doesn’t mean it’s not worth your listen. All I'm saying is she'd make more sense opening for Fishing For Comets or Salim Nourallah than these guys. Still, if you like sweet acoustic songs, then she's a real treat for your ears.
• Last, but not least, Theater Fire plays tonight at Lee Harvey’s. The band needs no introduction. If you think they need an introduction, you haven’t seen them. If you haven’t seen them, something’s wrong with this picture. Change that tonight. Immediately. Seriously, go.

That wraps it up for this week. Hopefully I'll be writing before next Saturday.

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