Monday, November 26, 2007

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

I'm still working out a few details about the first ever Ghost of Blind Lemon showcase, but here's the information that I can give you:

Saturday, December 29th
Opening Bell Coffee

Featuring: Fishing For Comets
Chris Holt
Rahim Quazi
Blue Petal

There's still hopefully going to be one more act on the lineup. I have a certain duo in mind; I just need to pin them down and get a confirmation from them. Even without them, though, just take a good hard look at that lineup. It's not that often you get that many great musicians under one roof. If you're not going on vacation over the break, then you need to be here.


bill h said...

can't wait. Great lineup!

Amanda said...

...and you haven't reached out to me about doing showcases at Dada why?

*raised eyebrow*


A little birdie told me you were coming out on Saturday for the Boca better damn well introduce yourself.