Friday, November 23, 2007

Fun Friday for Fort Worth Folks

First of all, let me give the good news to everyone in Dallas: the always awesome Fishing For Comets and Chris Holt (also awesome) are playing at the AllGood CafĂ©. Here’s even more good news for these two artists: I can see no major competition for the two of you. Hopefully that means all the music fans in Dallas will be dining at AllGood (I strongly recommend their chicken fried chicken) and chowing down on some good music.

Why is it that there is only one good show in Dallas tonight? Simple: everyone else is in Fort Worth. What’s the deal? Is Dallas not “cool” enough anymore? Oh well, even Fort Worth people need love too, and they will be getting more than their share this weekend. Just take a look:

• Easily one of the best bands in Fort Worth is Calhoun. This is a band that manages together rock, country, and even occasionally disco (yes, you heard me right), to create a great sonic landscape. Oh, and lead singer Tim Locke is one helluva songwriters. This band is a fine wine that gets better with age. Check out Calhoun at The Aardvark, along with The Barons, Collin Herring, and headliners Frontier Brothers.
• Right next door to The Aardvark is The Moon, where you can find Chatteron, The Iliads, and one of my personal faves, the cut*off. Heck, if you don’t mind spending a little extra money, pay to get into both clubs and jump between the two. On second thought, I have a feeling my two favorite bands of the bunch (Calhoun and the cut*off) may be pitted against each other. Curses!
• Wreck Room may be gone, but 6th Street Live is alive and well, and Baboon will be headlining what looks like a stellar show. They’ve brought in Houston’s own Bring Back The Guns along for the ride, and local groups Tame Tame… and Quiet and Blackheart Society will round out the bill.

Don’t worry, Dallas people: there will be more happening within the city limits tomorrow night. I’ll give you the scoop tomorrow morning.

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