Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekend Plans: 7/6/12

I'll reveal #23 on the countdown later, but I wanted to clue you in on what's happening around town this weekend.  Note that a majority of the options are tonight, so you might want to start plotting your weekend strategy pretty quickly...


Hello Lover/Idler/Nerdface (The Prophet Bar – Big Room)
The Phuss/Ghosts of Industry/Icarus the Owl (The Prophet Bar – Side Stage)
I presume that with how The Prophet Bar has the Big Room set up, the rock just won't stop all night long.  And with Hello Lover and The Phuss being the two big draws, there will be rock.  And a lot of it.  It's also worth noting that I've heard strong recommendations on Nerdface from Ducado Vega, so that would be reason enough to arrive early.
Midnight Empire/The Gypsy Bravado/Black Kennedy (The Boiler Room)
Midnight Empire is celebrating their one year anniversary, and for fans of 80's style rock, this band will be right up your alley.  Get there in time for Gypsy Bravado, who know how to put on a tight rock show.
Reinventing Jude (Opening Bell Coffee)
The band has just released their album, Shoulder Season, which I suspect should be available at tonight's show.  I got to see the band earlier this year, and there was something in the set that reminded me of both Kristy Kruger and Sarah Jaffe.  For fans of acoustic music, this is a must see, as I suspect this band is about to become huge in those musical circles.
Dove Hunter/Stumptone (Lola’s)
Dove Hunter and Stumptone together?  Is my calendar wrong?  Is it really 2007?  Seriously though, this is an all too rare chance to see either band play.
Uneasy Pilgrim/The Frisky Disco/Kyle Brooks (The Crown and Harp)
Of course I've got to plug my own show.  BTW, no cover.  And all three acts are cool.  Of course they are. I booked them, right?

The Roomsounds (The Foundry)
Nothing fancy with The Roomsounds, just fun rock and roll.  And that's enough.
Mora Collective/UBoat (The Cellar)
I don't go to many jazz shows, but I must say that Mora Collective puts on one heck of a show.  Jazz fans and even non-jazz fans will probably be entertained by their performance.
The Angelus/Le Leek Electrique/Clint Niosi (Dan’s Silverleaf)
Denton, I didn't forget about you.  This is where I'd recommend all the Denton people hang out tomorrow night.

That's it for shows this weekend, I think.  If I'm wrong, let me know in the comments section.

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