Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #27 "Black Light", Macon Greyson

On a regular basis, I'll see updates and press releases for bands that are promoting a song being featured in a TV show or even film.  Sometimes the songs are featured in reasonably successful TV shows or movies, though most of the time not.  In 2008, Macon Greyson mentioned that their song "Black Light" was included in an upcoming Mickey Rourke film.  I immediately wrote this off as a rather insignificant event, seeing that Mickey Rourke hadn't starred in anything even vaguely successful in eons.

Wow, was I wrong.

The Mickey Rourke film in question was The Wrestler, a film that reinvigorated Rourke's career and even earned him an Academy Award nomination.  I was thrilled for the film's success, more because I hoped it would bring Macon Greyson some well deserved attention.  I'd been a fan of the band for years.  While the alt-country label gets tossed around a lot these days (a bit too carelessly for my taste), Macon Greyson was one of the few that I felt carried on the tradition established in the mid 1990's by artists like Son Volt, Bottle Rockets, and hometown heroes Old 97's.  With the band's authentically alt-country sound, combined with their energetic live shows and razor sharp lyrics (courtesy of lead singer Buddy Huffman), it seemed that the band was destined for bigger and better things.  Alas, those bigger and better things never came.  In fact, when the band broke up last year, there was no announcement;  Macon Greyson quietly faded away.  It was a shame to see such a talented band disappear.

Still, if you get an opportunity, I'd recommend you pick up one of their CD's, with Translate and 20th Century Accidents being my two favorites.  The latter album features the song below, #27 in the countdown.

Black Light by Macon Greyson on Grooveshark

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