Thursday, July 5, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #24 "Truth on Tape", Smile Smile

When a band has members that are romantically involved, a breakup in that relationship can lead to the end of the musical career of the band.  When Jencey Hirunrusme and Ryan Hamilton ended their romantic relationship, the band could have easily called it quits.  Instead, the band remained together, and wrote one of the best albums on heartbreak that has ever emerged from the metroplex.

Truth on Tape explores just about every emotion and thought that one goes through after the end of a relationship.  From desperation to reunite ("Beg You to Stay") to anger at your former partner ("Labor of Love"), this album covers it all.  And of course, there's denial.  That's the topic tackled in the album's title track.  "You can't escape when the truth is put on tape", Ryan Hamilton sings in the chorus.  It's a desperate plea to hang on to what once was in a relationship, while ignoring the present status of the ended relationship.    Denial has never sound catchier.  And the harmonies of Ryan and Jencey sound sweet as ever, showing that their musical relationship is as rock solid, even if the two are no longer romantically involved.

Their musical union is still going strong, with the CD release show for Marry a Stranger happening August 11th at Granada Theater.  Jaret & Erik from Bowling for Soup open the show.  But for now, enjoy the title track of the previous disc.

Truth On Tape by Smile Smile on Grooveshark

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