Wednesday, July 4, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #25 "Set Me Free", The Red 100's

You often hear about famous musicians having larger than life personas.  That tends to happen far less in the local music scene.  One notable exception to that rule would have to be Robbie D. Love, of the band Red 100's.  Both onstage and off, Mr. Love is a charismatic, personable, but over the top individual.

This might come off as being a bit much if Robbie did not have the talent to back up such a persona. Fortunately, this is not an issue.  Robbie and his band The Red 100's are raw, energetic, and everything that rock and roll was meant to be.  I'm not going to wax too poetic about the band, as I feel doing so misses the essence of the band.  The band is not meant to be pondered in an intellectual capacity, but to be felt on a visceral level.  Songs like "Set Me Free" may be enjoyable over your stereo speakers, but it's truly meant to be experienced live.  Such live shows are all too rare now, as The Red 100's currently call Austin their home.  But for the time that the band resided in Dallas, they gave local music a well needed swift kick in the rear.

Crank it up, and feel this song...

Set Me Free by The Red 100's on Grooveshark

And for those keeping score at home, here's the first half of the Top 50 countdown...

  1. "Who's That Girl", PPT
  2. "Same Old, Same Old", Hello Lover
  3. "All Inside", The Felons
  4. "German Chocolate Cake", Bravo, Max!
  5. "The Message", Dem Southernfolkz
  6. "Nip/Tuck", The Orange
  7. "Icarus", Arielle
  8. "We Will All Be Changed", Seryn
  9. "Virtue And Vice", The Virgin Wolves
  10. "Little Bear", Elkhart
  11. "Love Bomb", Rude King
  12. "The Great Escape", Damaged Good$
  13. "Need a Release", the cut*off
  14. "Were Her", The Orbans
  15. "Young & Reckless", The Roomsounds
  16. "Three", The Timeline Post
  17. "Dalton the Prophet", Nicholas Altobelli
  18. "You Pressed the Crash Button", Novaak
  19. "Paper Girl", Katie Carroll
  20. "Move Along", Blue Petal
  21. "Pastel Lights", Ishi
  22. "Seven", Ducado Vega
  23. "Love That Leaves", Somebody's Darling
  24. "Black Light", Macon Greyson
  25. "Aim High", Chris Holt

And of course, you can now add "Set Me Free", as #25 on the list. Come back tomorrow for song #24.

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