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MySpace Playlist: 12/27/09

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Yes, readers, this is the final of the MySpace playlists. Don't get too sad, because I'm only switching formats. Next week's playlist will be courtesy of Hypster, and the only limitation on my playlists will be my CD/MP3 collection. It's not only time to bid adieu to the old playlist format, but the entire decade. By the way, what should we call the decade? The 00's? The 2000's? I've always wondered.

Anyways, back to the point. What better way to end the decade (and the MySpace playlist era) with a tribute to the decade that's almost over? Included in the playlists are ten songs, each released in a different year. In fact, the playlist goes in chronological order, starting with 2000 and 2009. I hope this playlist brings back as many good memories for you as it did for me.

  1. "Jack Never Crashes", The Deathray Davies (2000)
    My first local show was in 1996: Old 97's, Dead City Radio (who later became Grand Street Cryers and then Blue.Sky.Black), and Slobberbone. It was when I saw Deathray Davies open for Old 97's in 2000 that I went from casual local music fan to local music junkie. It only seems appropriate then that I should begin the list with this classic track from DRD. Best line: "All the best songs will remain misunderstood while the radio songs win awards in Hollywood".

  2. "Hello", Sugarbomb (2001)
    2001 was supposed to be the year that Sugarbomb turned big time. They had been signed to RCA records, their lead single "Hello" was getting radio play, and there was even chatter about the band opening a tour for Garbage or The Verve Pipe. Then 9/11 happened. The nation was thrown into a tailspin, as was the record industry. Sugarbomb was one of many bands that was dropped by their record label after 9/11. The band broke up less than two years later, and Sugarbomb was added to the way too long list of Dallas bands that almost made the big time. What a shame.

  3. "The Saint's Id", Hi-Fi Drowning (2002)
    There aren't a lot of releases from 2002 available thru MySpace. Fortunately, this track from Rounds the Rosa was available, and definitely one of my favorite tracks from that year.

  4. "Preacher's Words", Budapest One (2003)
    Before Chad Stockslagger and Keith Killoren were in The Drams and then The King Bucks, there was Budapest One. The band form in the late 90's (I believe), but it wasn't until Chad joined the band that they hit their creative peak. Keith did most of the vocals, but on this beautiful track, Chad does the honors.

  5. "Impossible", Pleasant Grove (2004)
    Pleasant Grove left their comfort zone on this track, which has almost an electronica feel to it. The experimentation paid off, as this track is simultaneously catchy and haunting. For the record, look for The Art of Leaving on my list of best CD's of the decade.

  6. "The Vice and Virtue Ministry", The Happy Bullets (2005)
    Wow... it's almost been five full years since the band release their CD of the same name. Josh McKibben from the band said the new CD would be out by year's end, but no sign of it yet. I'm not saying that it's taking the band a long time, but they're starting to band Boston and Guns N' Roses look quick in comparison.

  7. "New Hope PA", The Chemistry Set (2006)
    The Chemistry set managed a very unique balancing act of sorts. The band was definitely adventurous and even somewhat experimental in its sound, yet they never went off into the deep end of being what I call "indie for indie's sake." You know the type of band that I'm talking about: the band that focuses so much on sonic experimentation that it sacrifices the melody for the sake of weirdness. That was never an issue for Chemistry Set. This track, which seems like a melding of the best of what both U2 and The Who have to offer, remains my favorite track of theirs.

  8. "Mindreader", Lovie (2007)
    2007 marked the year of the debut of a little Dallas music blog called Ghost of Blind Lemon. About a month into running the blog, I was sent a CD by the band Lovie. I had heard of the band, but was not familiar with their music. Between the pop hooks and the Farfisa organ (props to Cari Weinberg), I was instantly hooked. Lovie is a very talented band, plus a really nice group of people that I have had the privilege of meeting through the blog.

  9. "Supernatural", Rahim Quazi (2008)
    I've made no secret of my love of this song, the album of the same name, and pretty much anything that Mr. Quazi creates. This was the one track that I couldn't get enough of in 2008, and I still listen to this song (and the album) on a regular basis.

  10. "I Love You So Much", The O's (2009)
    This past year, The O's were in inescapable force within the local music landscape. Fortunately, the band's charm and simple bluegrass styled melodies are not something one would want to escape. The band will tour Europe next year, so we'll see if they can make the upgrade from local domination to world domination.

Now if you're wanting more insight as to my favorite tracks of this year, keep an eye on the blog as I will be posting my first ever podcast, as I count down my top 40 favorite tracks of the year. For the record, I've been planning to do a top 40 long before Pete Freedman started his top 40 on DC9 at Night. Anyways, stay tuned for more details...

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