Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 10 Songs of 2009

So would you like to know my favorite songs of 2009? I will be uploading podcast episodes where I count down my top 40 tracks of the year in a matter of days. But maybe you're just too curious to find out what my top 10 favorites are.

If you want to know, come to Allgood Cafe and hear me countdown my favorites of the year, going from #10 all the way to my favorite song of the year. Yes, I know this is short notice. But I wouldn't be surprised if many of you were already planning on going out tonight. After all, there are several shows worth seeing tonight. Old 97's are playing a sold out show at Sons of Hermann Hall, Toadies have added a second show tonight at Trees (NYE is sold out), and Sarah Jaffe is performing at Opening Bell Coffee. And if that isn't enough for you, a new club is opening in Deep Ellum tonight. La Grange will open its doors tonight with live performances from both The O's and The King Bucks.

So like I said, you have plenty of reasons to go out tonight. Before going to one of those destinations, I'd encourage you to drop by Allgood Cafe. I'll start around 6 or so, and the festivities should wrap up around 8:30. Hope to see some familiar faces out there. What the heck, unfamiliar faces are welcome as well.

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