Sunday, December 20, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 12/20/09

I must say, I was relieved to find ten good local Christmas songs (or Christmas related songs) for the playlist. No need for any of the LeAnn Rimes Christmas songs that I warned I might have to play. Instead, I offer up ten fine songs that will hopefully bring you a little holiday cheer. And whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Festivus, may your holiday season be filled with cheer, and most importantly, love.

  1. "That's How We Do Christmas", THe BAcksliders
    This band loves to write Christmas songs. Last month, they released "Christmas (Doesn't Have to Be So Bad)", and you've hopefully listened to it on one of my previous playlists. This time, I'm digging up their x-mas song from last year, which is my personal favorite of the two.

  2. "Must Be Santa (Live)", Brave Combo
    This song has gotten a bit of publicity lately, since Bob Dylan's cover of this song was based on Brave Combo's version. I never would have guessed Dylan to be a Brave Combo fan. Goes to show what I know.

  3. "Last Christmas", Hendrick
    Hendrick has had quite an amazing year, with the release of Exhale. The album reached #3 on The Local Edge's countdown of local releases, and you've heard me rave about the band on a regular basis. But what made them decide to cover Wham! is beyond me. Call me Scrooge if you will, but I just don't get it.

  4. "Feliz Navidad", Shibboleth
    Shiboboleth is over the top and cheesy, and it sounds like they used those $100 Casio keyboards from the mid 80's. And for all those reasons, I just love this track. Easily the funniest song on the playlist.

  5. "Christmas Eve", Salim Nourallah
    I'm not sure this is totally appropriate, but I've always thought that this song never got the attention it deserved from Salim's fans. Please, give it a listen. You may not feel holiday cheer when you listen, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

  6. "It's Christmas Time", PPT
    Thanks to Pikahsso for posting this on his MySpace page. Thanks to all in the now defunct trio for making Christmas a lot funkier.

  7. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus", Sara Radle
    She started in San Antonio and now lives in Los Angeles, but for about five years, Dallas was lucky enough to call Sara Radle one of its own. Whether it be with her pop-punk band Lucy Loves Schroeder or her more Liz Phair/that dog style solo efforts, Ms. Radle always managed to combine intelligent lyrics with strong pop hooks. She's apparently working on another solo album, and I hopes she tours and stops by Dallas again.

  8. "Merry Christmas Now", Rahim Quazi
    Mr. Quazi's work never fails to warm my heart, so it's only appropriate he record a Christmas song to further spread the cheer.

  9. "I'll Be Home for Christmas", Old 97's
    Do you have your tickets yet for any of the four shows the band is playing at Sons of Hermann Hall? You might wanna buy them soon. REALLY soon. I don't know if any of the dates are sold out yet, but that's bound to happen each night.

  10. "The Christmas Tree", Stella Rose
    Okay, so this song does not even vaguely feel like a Christmas song, and the title is the only reason it can sorta fit the theme. Hey, it's a great rock song; what more do you want?

Finally, I leave you with one of my all time favorite local Christmas songs from Black Tie Dynasty. They don't have it on their MySpace, so instead I offer up this YouTube video featuring the song. Be patient when the timer hits 2:07, because for reason it stalls, but it will resume on its own.

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Silamonster-Jayson Bales said...

Rahim's Merry Christmas Now is a very warm song and totally captures the spirit of the season and Rahim's spirit. Good choice.