Monday, December 21, 2009

Change Gon' Come

This article is more than just a promotion for Dem Southernfolkz and their song entitled “Change Gon’ Come”. Yes, I like them, and I’d encourage you to click here for your opportunity to download their new EP, Something to Hold on to, free of charge. Right now, however, I’d like to discuss a few changes that will take place on the blog soon. The mission of the blog has not change, nor will it. I’m still devoted to bringing you the best local music our metroplex has to offer, and as the above banner says, “keep the spirit of DFW music alive.” The changes that are coming are more cosmetic in nature, and I hope will make the blog more visually appealing and more user-friendly.

When I changed the layout the last time, I stored an image on Photobucket to use as my background. Due to inactivity in the Photobucket account, the old image was replaced with a message from the company, making the website unreadable. While I have temporarily changed the layout and look of the blog, I’m not content with the current template. Before I decide on a more permanent look for Ghost of Blind Lemon, I’d like the site to have something it has never had: a nicely designed banner. The truth is, I’m “artistically challenged” at best, so I would not be a good candidate for designing such a banner. So I’m looking to you, my readers, to help out. Please submit your banners to and the one I like the best will be used. There will be no financial reimbursement for use of the banner, though the creator will get credit on the site. I would, however, like to come up with some form of a prize for the winning banner, but I’m not certain of what that would be yet.

Also, next Sunday will mark my final MySpace playlist. I have found the selection of tracks to be somewhat limiting, and I do not like the fact that I cannot post the actual playlist directly on the blog. For those who are fans of my playlist, rest easy. This is not an end to my playlists, but more a change in format. I have recently discovered the website Hypster, which I think will allow more creative flexibility for me. Their selection of local tracks is rather limited at the moment, but uploading tracks is quite easy. For those musicians who are interested, I would encourage you to start uploading your music on their site.

Another change I’m considering is adding advertising to the site. I know that Blogger has the monetize feature which allows ads to be placed, and it might bring “The Ghost” some desperately needed income. There are certain concerns I have with this. First of all, I do not want the advertisements to be a distraction or an annoyance to the readers. Second of all, I would want any advertising to be of products, services, etc. that would be of interest to the average GOBL reader. Before I make any decision on this front, I need the input of my readers. Do you think this is a good idea, and if so, what kind of services would you like to see ads of on the site?

If you have any other suggestions, thoughts, comments for the blog, please share them. You can email me (I gave you the address earlier) or leave your thoughts in the comments section. I welcome and encourage the dialogue.

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Anonymous said...

I think advertising is fine as long as it doesn't distract from what you are doing and what you believe your mission. But if you can make some dough for your hard work, then who is anyone to say not to do it? Go for it! I think some of the local music-related vendors should consider advertising with you, ie. clubs,restaurants, Good Records, KXT radio, Dallas Observer, etc.