Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Plans: Superbowl Edition

What a strange week this has been. To say that the weather has been bad is definitely an understatement. This has put a damper on a number of pre-Super Bowl activities, and a few have even been cancelled. Fortunately, the weather is starting to warm up a little, which will allow you to get out to a show or two. There's plenty of big name acts here in town. But for those of you who don't have $1,000 or so to see Prince at the old Reunion Arena parking lot, there are some much cheaper options for local talent.

NOTE: Shows are being cancelled as we speak due to weather. I'd encourage you to check with the venue before heading out tonight.

Seryn/Monahans/Sam Robertson (Dan’s Silverleaf)
I've only gotten to see an acoustic Seryn performance, but that itself was one of the most remarkable shows I saw last year. The band will celebrate the release of This Is Where We Are, a collection of songs filled with soaring melodies and near perfect harmonies. Dan's Silverleaf is the perfect venue for a more quiet and introspective band such as Seryn.
Ishi/Cocky Americans/DJ Redsean (The Cavern)
Expect to see fewer and fewer shows at The Cavern, as the venue is shifting is focus away from live music. But tonight's show will be a big one. The only question is how the venue will be able to handle a band as popular as Ishi.
Binary Sunrise/George Quartz/Sir Name (Double-Wide)

This show has just been cancelled (I didn't want to strike thru the portion below. The show is off, but my opinion of Binary Sunrise remains the same).
While I do like Ishi, Binary Sunrise has always been my favorite dance band in Dallas. Their style leans more towards new wave, but think less Depeche Mode and New Order and more Gary Numan and even Kraftwerk.
Rahim Quazi & The Supernaturals (Jack’s Backyard)
If you missed Mr. Quazi's performance at my Dada showcase, here's your chance to redeem yourself. This time, he'll be backed by a full band.
The show has unfortunately been cancelled, although Jack's itself will be open tonight.
Sayonara/Another Year Colder/The Demigods/The Crazy Ivans (Liquid Lounge)
Ducado VeGA turned me on to the music of The Demigods, and I was quite impressed, and The Crazy Ivans definitely put on an energetic set. This is one of the better Liquid Lounge lineups that the venue has had in quite awhile.

Seryn/Monahans/The Cush (Club Dada)
Same info as the Dan's Silverleaf show, except in place of Seryn, local shoegaze group The Cush replace Sam Robertson. It's been a few years since I've seen The Cush, but fans of shoegaze will definitely want to get to Dada early to catch them.
Summer Ames/David Ramirez (Opening Bell Coffee)
Summer seems to be quite the appropriate name for this young lady, as her songs seem to glow like rays of sunshine. Even more melancholy tunes like "Capture" have such a beauty that it lifts the mood of the listener. Her joy is so infectious that Kirtland Records has signed her. Also on the bill is Dallas turned Austin singer-songwriter David Ramirez, one of my big favorites from Austin.
Goodnight Ned (The Cavern)
Here's another Cavern show, featuring GOBL showcase alumni Goodnight Ned. Fans of Bravo, Max! will definitely want to check this band out.

And of course, if I've forgotten any LOCAL shows worth mentioning, post them in the comments section. And no, Prince and Black Eyed Peas do NOT count as local.

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The @SummerAmes show @openingbell on Sat night is NOT canceled. Live music is finally here!