Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking Inside the Box: Lovie

Ever since I started the website, I've wanted a good place to host mp3s so I can share them with you, my faithful readers. I recently discovered and will be using that site to upload mp3's, and then offer a link for downloading. I was hoping that the mp3 could be uploaded directly on my site, but apparently that would require me paying a monthly fee. Sorry, readers, but that's not happening at this point.

Still, it offers me the opportunity to share songs with you, like this song from Lovie. This new tune exemplifies why I named them one of the Ten to Watch in '10, and after you listen, you should feel the same. The band will be performing tonight at the House of Blues Voodoo Lounge, and tickets are only $5. Also, the ladies in the band will be pinching those not wearing green, so if you don't want to get pinched, wear green. Of course if you like being pinched by pretty rocker ladies, then hey, don't wear green. It's all good.

And speaking of good severe awesomeness, click on the link directly below.
MP3: Lovie - "Your Virgo"

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