Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Salim, Salim, and More Salim!

I only have a little time to blog before going to my "real job", but here's a quick summary of what you need to know about Salim.

  • At 9 am this Morning, Salim will be performing on Good Morning Texas on Channel 8. I know that's not much warning, but better short notice than none.

  • Friday morning he'll be performing live on KXT, also known as the best station in the metroplex.

  • Saturday, Salim plays a show that is NOT in the morning hours (thank goodness). The lineup at the House of Blues Cambridge Room include Salim & The Dufilhos, I Love Math, and San Antonio band Buttercup. You can order tickets through the HOB website I'm sure.

  • Finally, Salim's been holding a pledge drive to raise funds for his next album, a 70's cover album featuring Shibboleth as the back up band. You can order everything from CDs to DVDs to house concerts. To see the exact list, go here for the website.

One of the items available on that website is the option of selecting Salim's setlist as a show. If anyone wanted to order that and give that as a gift to his or her favorite ghost blogger, that would be an awesome gift. I'm just sayin'...

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