Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekend Shows

I figured it was about time for me to post something other than a playlist. Okay, perhaps it's not the world's most ambitious posting, but it's still information worth passing on. I'm sure I'm missing plenty of good shows on this list, but hey, that's what the comments section is for. This is just a short list of some of the best weekend options.

Hello Lover/The Crash That Took Me (Double-Wide)
Yes, The Crash That Took Me performs far too infrequently in Dallas, and that is practically criminal. Still, Friday night is not about TCTTM. Friday night's Double Wide show is all about the high octane "sex rock" of Hello Lover as they celebrate the release of their self titled CD. What is "sex rock" exactly? I'm not going to try to define it, so I'll simply describe their sound as the sonics of early new wave mixed with the raw energy of punk, all the while maintaining a unique sound that prevents the band from falling into the "80's revival" category. Perhaps ten years from now, Hello Lover will be cited as pioneers of the "sex rock" movement. You never know...
RTB2/Cocky Americans/Orange Peel Sunshine (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios)
I had the privilege of hosting RTB2 & Cocky Americans at one of my first few Lakewood Bar & Grill shows. Orange Peel Sunshine was not on the lineup, and while I still haven't heard their music yet, both of the other bands must have faith in OPS, otherwise they wouldn't duplicate this lineup tomorrow in Dallas. This show is also a CD release party for Orange Peel Sunshine. Ah, January is over and the CD releases just keep coming and coming. I love it.

Camille Cortinas/Morning Elephant (Barley House)
This show has been cancelled, and most likely replaced with something much more frat boy friendly. Boo!
Oso Closo/Goodwin/THe BAcksliders (The Moon)
I haven't been to a show in Fort Worth in eons since I'm not convinced my car could survive the trip. Normally I'm relatively okay with that since there are usually more than enough good shows here in Dallas. This lineup, however, is making me consider standing alongside I-30 to hitch a ride to Funkytown. THe BAcksliders remain one of Dallas' best live bands, Goodwin knows how to rock as well, and I'm desparately craving a chance to rewatch Oso Closo. If you're in Fort Worth, then this is the only gig you should be at.
Slider Pines/American Werewolf Academy (Bryan Street Tavern)
This is power-pop heaven.
Elkhart/Menkena/Little Black Dress (City Tavern)
I guess this show then would be "dream pop" heaven? Elkhart doesn't fit into the sonic mold of shoegaze, but there's an ethereal, dreamy musical essence that connects all three acts together. So do yourself a favor: turn off the cellphones, turn off the Blackberrys, turn off your mouths, and turn on your ears. The music may be quiet in nature, but the impact of the music from all three acts will be nothing less than a sonic boom.
Nicholas Altobelli (Buon Giorno)
Grapevine people need good shows too.

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