Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 2/28/10 - 3/6/10

Standard disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email addy to email me mp3's, and if I like the song then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

  1. "Your Virgo", Lovie
    If this track is any indication of the quality of the rest of the band's upcoming EP, Because of My Mattress, then this will be their best work to date. The song has a little more of an aggressive rock edge to it, but not so much that it kills the band's happy-go-lucky vibe. Think of it like a sweeter version of Sleater-Kinney. Very, very, very good stuff.

  2. "Austin's Birthday", The Burning Hotels
    What, one piece of nearly perfect rock ear candy isn't enough for you? Boy, you sure are greedy. Alright then, I'll throw you the new single from The Burning Hotels. This is a band that knows how to write some great pop hooks, as this song is proof. You think you'll listen and not be humming it to yourself the next day? Good luck with that one.

  3. "Back Is Broken", Oso Closo
    Alright, so I'm a little late notifying you about the Fort Worth Co-Op Outreach Benfit Show, happening as I type this entry. You've already missed Tony Ferraro playing with Ryan Thomas Becker, Titanmoon is playing at this moment, and Rivercrest Yacht Club goes on next. Fortunately, if you hurry over to Lola's Sixth, you can still catch Stella Rose, the cut*off, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, and this fine band playing known as Oso Closo.

  4. "Dreams of You and Elvis", Meredith Louise Miller
    Ah, the joys of Facebook. I discovered that Meredith will be celebrating her birthday this week, so it seemed like a good excuse to post one of her songs. Not that one needs an excuse to post a song from one of the best folk/acoustic performers to ever come out of Dallas.

  5. "Ramblin' Jack", Andrew Delaney & the Horse You Rode In On
    Thanks to Gregory Pierce, both for recommending Mr. Delaney's music to me, and for him persuading Andrew to email me and send me music. "Wine & Roses" may be the track getting airplay on The Range, but there's something about this Tom Waits style country number that made me take notice of him.

  6. "Move Along Folks...", Smile Smile
    The title seems very fitting of the band, which has been receiving more attention for the relationship woes of the duo than their music. It's a shame, because this album is a beautifully earnest piece of work with great melodies. And for some reason, the line "There is no problem/This is your evident lack of experience" seems to be playing on a repeat loop in my head.

  7. "Will You Be There", Pale Horse
    There's an amazing story behind this song, and a brief playlist style write up would not do the story or the band justice. I'll try to tell you the story soon, but if you can't wait, go ask the band Saturday at the Frisco Arts Festival. Yeah, I didn't know Frisco had an arts festival either, and I'm really impressed that they got a band as good as Pale Horse to play. They'll be the main support for 80's band The Romantics.

  8. "Same Old, Same Old", Hello Lover
    Great song, do I need to say more?

  9. "Fooling Vampires", Jayson Bales & The Charmers
    Mr. Bales will be busy the next few weekends. He plays acoustic this Saturday at the Billy Reid store at Northpark (yet another unlikely venue for good music), and the following Saturday the full band plays at Poor David's Pub with Trey Johnson. It's a nice alternative to those who didn't get NX35 tickets.

  10. "Bowling Green", The O's
    Ah, bon voyage to the O's, who will be heading to Europe for a tour. Before they go, you can catch them this Saturday at Sons of Hermann Hall. If you miss this show, you'll have to wait at least another month to see them, and just hope you don't get the shakes too bad.

  11. "Last Second", Record Hop
    Ah, proof that this Friday has at least one good show. Record Hop headlines at Double-Wide, with The Polycorns and Baruch the Scribe rounding out this nice bill.

  12. "Three", The Timeline Post
    I'm still working on the review of Slow Descent, but annoying things like getting sicked have sidetracked me. Here's one of my faves from the album.

  13. "Execution by X-Mas Lights", Flickerstick
    It was one year ago this day that Flickerstick played their final show, and this was the final song lead singer Brandin Lea played. It was a beautiful moment, and I still miss this band.

Finally, I leave you with a video of The Great Tyrant's "Candy Canes". Most of you have probably heard about the passing of their bassist, Tommy Atkins. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. There's a benefit show happening right now at The Kessler Theater featuring Nervous Curtains (among others), and I'll let you know about more fundraisers as they happen.

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