Sunday, February 1, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 2/1/08

  1. "Astronaut", Fate Lions"
    I apologize to my buddies in Fate Lions for forgetting to mention their show Friday night at City Tavern. I hope that kicking off this set with a FL song makes up for the omission.

  2. "Let's Slip Away", Carmen Bright
    Winslow Bright's CD Lovable has made quite the positive impression on me. Alas, she made it so that her tracks could not be added to playlist. Guess we'll have to go with Carmen Bright's version. And for those keeping score out there, Carmen is her mother.

  3. "Just Got Robbed", Greater Good
    The good news: Last night, I saw an amazing band at Double-Wide called The Heelers. You'll hear more about them later. The bad news: Greater Good, who was originally supposed to record a live album that night, had to cancel. And unfortunately, there are no shows on the horizon for this band. That's just not cool.

  4. "The Vultures Are Circling", Jack with One Eye
    Next week's playlist will be a love/heartbreak/Valentine's day themed playlist. Next week is also the big record release party (that's right, they're releasing good old fashioned vinyl). Since "The Vultures Are Circling" just doesn't have that Valentine's Day feel to it, I figured I'd give the band their plug this week.

  5. "The Royal Me", Les Americains
    I got to see this band play at Prophet Bar last month. It features the other half of the members of [DARYL], which pretty much means it features the members of [DARYL] that are not in The Crash that Took Me. This particular track for some reason reminds me of Echo and the Bunnymen. Well, it reminds me of a much harder rocking and less new wave version of Echo and the Bunnymen.

  6. "People Go", Tonite Tonite but After Tonite You're on Your Own
    When Andres Negrete first told me of his band several years back, this is the band name he used. He then shortened it so simply Tonite Tonite, and briefly called it The Gang. He has now returned to the full-length version of the band name. Yes, it's long, but so is ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, and they did okay for themselves.

  7. "They Were Red", Fishing for Comets
    Camille Cortinas will be doing a song swap with Eric Neal, Chris Holt, and Dave Little this Friday at Opening Bell Mosaic. I saw this fine quartet last year at the South Side location, and I'm sure this time around will be just as much fun as last time.

  8. "20th Century Accident", Macon Greyson
    There there, 20th Century Accident. I know you've been feeling a little neglected lately. Ever since it was included in The Wrestler, "Blacklight" has gotten all the attention. I mean, just because it's in a major motion picture doesn't mean you, the title track to MG's last album, deserve any less attention, right?

  9. "Haskell County", Nicholas Altobelli
    I'm going back to Mr. Altobelli's previous effort, his Streetcar Visions EP. If you heard him play it for the first time at his gig last night at Dunn Brothers Coffee in Addison, now you can hear him sing it with the correct lyrics. Just giving you a hard time, Nicholas.

  10. "I Can Feel Your Love Is Waning"
    I'm saving the best for last. Obviously, the biggest deal this weekend is the reunion of Slobberbone. Catch them Friday night at Dan's Silverleaf, and then the following night at Barley House. The O's will be opening at both shows. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and predict that this song will be played at both shows.


Fate Lions said...

Thanks for the mention and let us know when you can make it to a show, we'll hook you up right!

Stay Groovy!

Jason Manriquez

Frankie 45 said...

Everybody's jumping on Valentines Day to push their love for something... so we did too...
New song "I Love You' available to download for free at our myspace

Recorded yesterday (2/ 5/ 09) at January Sound by Brian Nesbitt
featuring 100% passion and spontaneity by Frankie, Anthony and James
aka Spector 45.

Do us and yourself a favor and spread it around...

Next show tomorrow night, 2/ 7 at Lonestar Country Club in Coppell w/ Johnny Hootrock, the Blarney Street Hooligans and Dog Company