Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekend Review: 11/14/08

Note: I'm sure this is hardly a comprehensive guide to shows this weekend. These are just a few of the best bets I know off the top of my head. Hope this helps.

Olospo/THe BAcksliders (Club Dada)
I must confess that I don't enjoy Olospo near as much as Chris Holt's current project, The Slack. I'm not as much of a fan of the jam band stylings of Olospo. Nevertheless, the absurd level of talent held by Chris Holt is enough to make any project of his interesting and entertaining. And as usual, THe BAcksliders will rock, just like they do every show. I wonder if THe BAcksliders ever get bored with rocking and kicking musical butt with every show. Who knows?
Del Castillo/Blue Petal (Palace Theater in Grapevine)
I was much impressed with this venue when I saw Rahim Quazi and Jimmy LaFave play there several weekends ago. Del Castillo is an artist I know by name only, but I can always recommend Blue Petal. Their sound seems to be shifting, going less from the sweet acoustic vibe to almost a more rocking sound with strong hints of sensuality in lead singer Manya's vocals. Check them out to see how good (or not good) my current Blue Petal description is.
Boys Named Sue (Allgood Cafe)
Sorry, I can't think of anything to say on BNS that hasn't been said already. It's good redneck fun, and I'll leave it at that.

Anju Gill Fall Mega-Bill (Club Dada)
Read my post, Remembering Anju, for details. A few things I left out previously: Dave Little and Sparklepussy Barbie are among the entertainers, and the entertainment starts somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00, depending on the source. This is my vote for show of the weekend, and this is where I'll be.
The O's, AM Ramblers, Jason Bonner (City Tavern)
Easily the best new band of the year, The O's ,with their minimal musical set-up, have created one of the richest sounds of any band I've heard in awhile. This may only be a duo, but there is nothing lacking in their sound. And no, this is not another White Stripes wannabe duo, but rather a country duo that is more reminiscent of Everly Brothers, if I were to be forced to make a comparison to another duo. AM Ramblers have been on my list of bands to see, and from what I've heard of them, they'll fit perfectly on the lineup with the O's. It will be interesting to hear how BAckslider Jason Bonner will mesh with the rest of the lineup. It's a shame that I'll be missing this show.
Bridges & Blinking Lights/The Boom Boom Box/Cocky Americans (Double-Wide)
Cocky Americans, unlike The O's, remain on the "Best Band I'll Miss Out On" (O's are now disqualified since I've seen them). I haven't seen Boom Boom Box, but the bands feature members of Baboon, Pleasant Grove, and PiNKSTON, so I'm sure I've at least seen all the members of the band playing, even if I haven't seen them together.

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