Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's Something to Smile Smile About

A few weeks ago, I held a ticket giveaway to see Jimmy LaFave and Rahim Quazi at the Palace Theater in Grapevine. Much to my dismay, no one won the contest even when I GAVE THE ANSWER to the trivia question in a blog entry. How depressing.

My readers, you have an opportunity to redeem yourselves. The fine people at Kirtland Records were kind enough to give me a pair of tickets to the Prophet Bar this Saturday to see The Bun To Your Hot Dog Tour. No, I don't know who came up with that goofy name. The tour features XO (members of Say Anything), Paper Mache, Shanti, and Dallas' own Smile Smile. I don't know anything about the first three bands listed, but I do know that Smile Smile is a great local band that doesn't play around these parts often enough. I've been listening to their CD Blue Roses a lot lately, and it's a gorgeous CD that's half melancholy, half uplifting, and all talent.

So, who wants to see Smile Smile Saturday night? If you want to see Smile Smile, here's what you have to do. Send me an email at that includes your name and you have to mention the name of one song off of Blue Roses in the email. The first person to do that wins a pair of spots on the guest list. By the way, I'm not certain, but I believe the Prophet Bar is 18+, so don't try to win if you can't get in. Good luck, and someone win these tickets please. It hurts my fragile ego when nobody even tries to win.

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