Saturday, September 1, 2007

Things to Do tonight... If You Have a Car

Last night, as I was waiting at the traffic light at Campbell and Preston, my car dies on me. The good news is that I was able to restart the car. The bad news is that Meg (yes, I have a name for my car) was shaking and sputtering the rest of the drive home. Needless to say, I’m gonna have to take Meg to see the doctor (auto mechanic). I’m just recovering from the enormous amounts of money I spent fixing the AC in my car. I don’t know where I’ll be finding the money for this new repair.

This leaves me in doubly bad shape. I’m not only without a car for the evening, but I’m also going to have to pitch pennies in a major way in order to make it through September. So this weekend I’m probably going to have to sit out. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same. I’ve got four show recommendations for everyone.

The Red Herrings/The cut*off (The Moon)
I’ve never seen the Red Herrings before, though the stuff on MySpace sounds promising. Therefore, I’m recommending this show purely on the cut*off’s ability to put on a great live set. If you were at my birthday show last weekend, you know how good these guys are. If you weren’t there, then shame on you! In that case, there is NO excuse for you not being at this show. Except for if your car doesn’t work. I understand that one just a little too well.

The Chemistry Set/J.D. Whittenburg/Shibboleth (Hailey's)
So what's the deal here? the cut*off are playing in Fort Worth, and Chemistry Set (who also played my birthday bash) are up in Denton. Couldn't you guys play any closer? Oh, what does it matter to me, since my car doesn't work. Besides, Denton people need good shows too. I also saw a little of J.D. Whittenburg at the DOMA showcase, and would be very curious to hear more. Shibboleth kicks off the set with some of the finest instrumental music you'll hear in Dallas.

Boys Named Sue (Lee Harvey’s)
Tonight, Lee Harvey’s will turn into a hillbilly heaven, and Boys Named Sue shall be the choir you hear as you enter the pearly gates of Lee Harvey’s. OK, the gates aren’t exactly pearly, but you get my point. Boys Named Sue shows aren’t just shows; they are parties. Feel free to toss back a few PBR’s while watching the band, and grab your partner and do-si-do.

The Tah-Dah’s/Laura Palmer (The Cavern)
I’m going to let lead singer Roy Ivy explain why you should go see his show:

“it really will be the best show ever.

if i hadn't overslept (my dreams were very long and connected a few of the dots left floating in my mind after rivers of psychedelics), i would be writing the best bulletin ever.

if if you're the chosen few, then you know already to come to our show tonight. you feel it behind your ears, dying to replace the lesser music that's stuck in the wax.

You know, in this dimension, that The Cavern is on lower greenville, and that The Tah-Dahs and Laura Palmer are performers that are just on this planet for tonight.
You know that watching us won't make you jump out a window.
There are no windows.
There is music and love
and the patterns--the feeling through your body--it's so perfect and sensual.
it's a new womb.
and your crotch can be anywhere.

we hope to see your crotches tonight, and your colors, and your magic. it's okay, you can dance. it's okay, you can share your drugs.”

I’m not sure about the best show ever part (that was obviously my birthday celebration last Saturday), but The Tah-Dah’s don’t do near enough shows anymore, so it’d be worth checking out. Oh, and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear their brilliantly insane version of “Be My Baby”.

Oh, and if anyone is kind enough to be my chauffeur and pay my way, I’ll be your new best friend. Really.


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