Saturday, September 8, 2007

One More Saturday Show Worth Mentioning

In just the past couple of days, I’ve had two people ask me if I’ve heard of Silk Stocking. Since I didn’t know anything about them, I decided I had to take a listen for myself. I hate to be clichéd and say that they sound like Tom Waits, since almost every review of the band posted on MySpace mention Tom Waits. Having said that, lead singer Liz MacGowan does have more than her share of vocal similarities with Waits. MacGowan and band mate Shawn Mauck, have managed to write songs of such a caliber that you’d think they were recorded by Waits himself during his Rain Dogs or Swordfishtrombones sessions.

If you’re curious to hear them live, then go to Club Dada tonight, where they will be playing along with pAper chAse member Sean Kirkpatrick for the release of his CD Turn on the Interference. Will E Lee and The Great Tyrant are also on the bill. So now you have another option for something to do tonight.

As for me, you can catch me tonight at Lakewood Bar & Grill along with former Dallasite Darla Oates, Team Evil, and THe BAcksliders. Afterwards, I’ll probably swing by Barley House and catch the tail end of Sparklepussy Barbie. So if you wanna meet me or hang out with me, you know where to go. This week has been an awful week for everyone in the scene, and I would love to see some familiar faces and drink a toast to the life of Carter. Let the healing (and the music) begin.

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MRS+*¨^¨*+POTTER said...

Hey, are you going to mention anything about the show coming up this weekend in Fort Worth? Who are we going to see?