Monday, November 21, 2011

More Fun than a Pledge Drive

Sure, I suppose all the individuals at Deep Ellum Radio could ask for donations on the air in order to help the station with its operating costs. I think you’ll agree, however, that a benefit concert is a lot more fun than any pledge drive. So without further ado, check out the poster below for information on my upcoming LaGrange showcase.

I thank all of the musicians who kindly volunteered their time and talents in order to help the station. And thanks to Cory Bergren of Ironstamp Designs, who created the lovely poster above. I encourage all of my readers to attend this fine event. Not only are you getting the opportunity to see four first-act local acts, but your money will help keep Deep Ellum Radio operating smoothly. Help us continue to promote local bands and the Deep Ellum community.

Tickets are available thru Prekindle, so feel free to buy your tickets in advance. Hope to see all of your beautiful faces on December 10th!

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