Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keepin' It Rude

There are certain genres of music I tend to be partial to. I tend to be more drawn to a lot of singer-songwriter material, as well as indie rock. This is not to say I like everything in those genres. I will say, however, that musicians in those genres have a certain advantage. Since I am admittedly more partial to those styles, the odds of me liking those within those genres is perhaps a little better.

Ska music, on the other hand, has not shared that advantage. As a general rule, I have not been a fan of ska. When I received some mp3s from their previous effort, Rude to the Last Drop, I decided to give it a listen, expecting to be unimpressed. From the first notes of “Love Bomb”, I instantly knew that I had misjudged the band. This high energy song has more than enough hooks to capture the attention of both ska fans and non-ska fans.
And throughout their current album, Ruder, Better, Faster, Stronger, the hooks keep coming with tracks like “On the Ground” and “Gone”.

What’s even more impressive than the album, however, is the live show. Everything from the brass section (courtesy of Houston Bogus on trombone and Mason Neeley on trumpet) to bass and drums (Justin Rush and Rob Tovar, respectively) is spot on in the performance. But the strongest asset to the band is their main vocalist, Jon Bravo. His voice is perfectly suited for ska music. If it were any better suited, I’d be saying that ska was perfectly designed with Mr. Bravo in mind. The energy brought to the stage by all members makes Rude King easily one of the best live shows you’ll see in the metroplex.

Yes, this band is an absolute must-see for ska lovers. But more importantly, this band is even a must see for everyone. Even those who think they may not be ska lovers will likely be won over by Rude King. Take it from the mouth of a (former) non-ska fan. You can see Rude King this Friday at Double-Wide, opening for Swingin’ Utters and Far From Finished. Get there early so that you do not miss even a second of the Rude King set.

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