Friday, May 28, 2010

Emily Elbert Tickets

Hey, there's plenty of great shows tonight, including Camille Cortinas at Barley House, THe BAcksliders at Double-Wide, and Emily Elbert with Michael Henry Tillman at the Kessler Theater. Barley House is always free, Double-Wide will charge cover, as does the Kessler. However, Jeffrey Liles was kind enough to give me a pair of tickets to give away for tonight's show.

In case you haven't seen Ms. Elbert perform live, well, it's quite a treat. I've heard fans say "she's good for her age", but I have an issue with that statement. Her level of talent as both a vocalist and guitarist surpasses that of probably 90% of all local musicians. Good for her age? Good regardless of age is more like it. Oh, and if you haven't been to the Kessler yet, it's a lovely venue and it seems to be a place where audience members actually LISTEN to music instead of talk over it. That's always a refreshing change of pace.

But back to the tickets. Here's the deal. Send me an email at with "Emily Elbert" as the subject line. First to do so gets the tickets. It's that simple.

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