Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Be Patient

Dear readers,

As you have undoubtedly noticed, the quantity of posts has steadily been going down this year, and it has been weeks since I've even published a playlist. Many great albums have come out this year, and I have only reviewed one so far. Many of you have emailed me about bands, shows, albums, etc. that I have not discussed on Ghost of Blind Lemon. I could go through a very long laundry list of local music gems that have not been covered on the blog. I do not have the time to mention every one of them, but needless to say I regret that I have not been able to shine the light on these deserving acts. Personal factors which I would rather not discuss here have contributed to the lack of entries which again, I regret.

Right now, I need to shift my focus onto matters other than the blog. This is not, I repeat, NOT the end of Ghost of Blind Lemon. It's just that posts will continue to be few and far between for the time being. Those who know me will undoubtedly see me around at shows; I will always first and foremost remain a local music fan. For the time being, however, I will be shifting my focus away from the blog. As the entry title suggests, I ask for your patience. This is only a temporary situation, and I look forward to being able to resume the blog with a greater sense of focus, time, and energy to devote to the many wonderful musicians in the metroplex area. Thank you for all the support you have given to me, and more importantly, to the local music community. Please continue to support local shows, go to shows, buy CDs and mp3s, and all that jazz.


"The Ghost"

P.S. I leave you with a classic pop poppins track from their Delight in Disorder album. I figured if I'm asking for you to be patient, I could at least let you listen to "Be Patient". Pretty clever, huh?

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