Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 1/17/10 - 1/23/10

I must say that I'm really enjoying creating these Hypster playlists. Sure, there are some inconveniences with the site: the load time for songs isn't exactly fast, and the local selection (at the moment) pales in comparison to MySpace. Still, I'm finding more advantages than disadvantages. One such advantage is the fact that I'm no longer limited to a ten song playlist. I have decided to expand the weekly playlists from ten to thirteen songs, and with that change comes the new name for the playlist: The Lucky Thirteen.

Perhaps it's presumptuous to assume that it's good luck to be on my playlist. Still, I can hope. For any artists who feel it's bad luck, or simply do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email addy to email me mp3's, and if I like the song then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

On that note, let's start the playlist.

  1. "Mindreader", Lovie
    I got behind on writing this post. The original purpose of kicking off the playlist with Lovie was to promote tonight's show at Double-Wide to benefit the Second Thought Theater. The Happy Bullets, Here Holy Spain, and Drawn by Jaymz were also on that bill. Alas, the show is probably wrapping up as I type this. So much for promptness.

  2. "I Can't Make You Happy", Ronnie Fauss
    Mr. Fauss also played a show tonight at White Rock Coffee. My understanding is that he'll be playing every Sunday this month there, so while I'm too late to help my readers (and Ronnie) tonight, you can make it all right next Sunday. By the way, this song works surprisingly well on acoustic guitar, as he demonstrated earlier this month at City Tavern.

  3. "Rulers Ruling All Things", Midlake
    After the success of their previous album, Midlake could have deliberately chosen to make a very accessible album that could have given them the opportunity for some level of mainstream success. If the first two tracks are any indication, the band is instead going in a much darker and more introspective direction. This particular track seems to have a certain Nick Drake Pink Moon era quality to it. And yet I have a feeling that the band's fan base will only continue to grow with such beautiful songs.

  4. "Horses", Somebody's Darling
    I think it's a safe bet that the band will be playing this track Saturday night at Jack's Backyard.

  5. "She Hides Golden Apples", Leaving Denton
    I mentioned earlier that if you email me an mp3 and I like it, it might wind up on the playlist. If you don't believe me, though, ask Andrew Autry, lead singer of Leaving Denton. He emailed me after he heard my top 40 countdown and told me about his band. I listened to the songs on the MySpace, and there's a very simple yet sweet charm to the band's tunes. I was thrilled that he sent me this track, and the second I received it, I knew that my readers needed to hear their music.

  6. "Obligatory Cover (for the Kids)", Funland
    I know what you've been wanting. You've been wanting to hear some Air Supply songs. Don't lie, you know you were. Not to worry, Ghost of Blind Lemon is more than happy to satisfy your needs with not one, but two Air Supply songs combined into one medley. Oh, there's no need to thank me. Really, I'm glad to help my readers.

  7. "Shake Your Fist", Telegraph Canyon
    I'm surprised I haven't received any grief for not including TC in my year end countdown. I do like the band, but unfortunately, there were many bands that didn't make it into the top 40 that I really like, and they were one of them. Anyways, the band will be performing this Friday night in the cozy setting of Allgood Cafe.

  8. "Infatuations Never Last", The Slack
    Speaking of Friday night, it'll be a big night at Sons of Hermann Hall with The Slack's CD release party for The Deep End. Chris Holt seems incapable of creating music that isn't intriguing and well composed. This song (and frankly, the entire album) proves my point.

  9. "Your Timin' Just Ain't Right", Bad Sports
    Their set at the Dallas Observer Music Awards last year truly impressed me, and I'm inclined to say they're the best punk band in Dallas. This particular track from Pinball Records' compilation Denton Denton USA! definitely ventures more into 50's rock/boogie territory than punk, but it's an excellent track no matter what.

  10. "Bales of Cocaine", Reverend Horton Heat
    Dallas' own king of psychobilly will return home and play Granada Theater this Saturday.

  11. "This Is Now", Kristy Kruger
    It's been almost four years since Ms. Kruger's last album, Songs from a Dead Man's Couch, was released. At one point, Dan's Silverleaf's website listed Kristy as performing this Friday, but she's no longer listed. So now we have to wait for not only the CD, but for a live show.

  12. "Straight out the Gate", Oso Closo
    Sarah Crisman from Pegasus News has become quite a fan of Hendrick lately, and has often mentioned my name when talking about Hendrick. Well, turnabout is only fair play. Sarah recommended I listen to Oso Closo, and I'm finding myself becoming a bigger fan with each listen. They're playing Saturday at The Prophet Bar, and if finances allow it, I will most definitely be there. I suspect that this is a band that must be heard live to fully appreciate the music.

  13. "Begging", Vibrolux
    Before Kim Pendleton joined THe BAcksliders, she was the lead singer of Vibrolux. The styles of the two bands are polar opposites. Whereas THe BAcksliders are straight up no frills rock, Vibrolux had a certain dreamy and ethereal quality to it, almost comparable to an edgier version of Portishead. My one complaint with the band is that they would sometimes drown out Ms. Pendleton's vocals in the mix, which is a mistake of epic proportions. Still, the songs are good, and when the band lets Kim do her thing, the results are amazing.

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boomerang man said...

Thanks for adding us into your playlist. Especially right next to Funland. That was my favorite local band back in high school. Blessings!