Friday, January 8, 2010

Cool Weekend for Shows

The weather is really more cold than merely cool, but don't let that discourage you from seeing at least one of the many good shows happening this weekend. I have fewer comments than usual about this weekend's shows. Actually, it's more a case of not having the time to discuss as many of the shows as I'd like to.

  • Jaimee Harris/David Ramirez/Matthew Bridgman (Opening Bell Coffee)
    When I saw Mr. Bridgman play at The Pearl Cup a few months ago, I was quite impressed on all fronts. He has a strong voice (somewhat similar in tone to Glen Hansard), is good on the guitar, and he is an impressive songwriter that creates stories that will captivate those willing to take the time and energy to listen to the lyrics. He will open for David Ramirez and Jaimee Harris, two of the better Austin musicians I've discovered lately. Now if they'd only relocate to Dallas...

  • The King Bucks (Adair’s Saloon)

  • Fate Lions/My Life on Film/Sloan Automatic (Bandera)

  • Johnny Lloyd Rollins (Jack’s Backyard)

  • The Marfalites/Hatin Slayton (LaGrange)

  • THe BAcksliders/Menkena/Little Black Dress (Sons of Hermann Hall)
    Come to the Sons Saturday for a relaxing evening of dreamy and ethereal music like Little Black Dress, Menkena, and... THe BAcksliders?!?!? I know they're working on material for a new album, but surely the band hasn't given up their rock and roll spirit in order to gaze at their own shoes. So while THe BAcksliders may disrupt the shoegaze flow, this is nevertheless the best lineup of the entire weekend.

  • Jacob Metcalf/Karen Naomi/Anna Proctor (Opening Bell Coffee)

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Alan said...

...and no mention of the outstanding Zapruder Sequence at Bryan Street Tavern. hmph...