Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend Plans for Those Not at ACL

I still have several other real articles, editorials, reviews, etc. in my mind that will hopefully make it onto the blog in the coming weeks. All I need is time, and to quote Old 97's, "time is on my bad side." In the meantime, let me give you some guidance for this weekend. If you're reading this blog, this probably means you're not in Austin right now for the big ACL festival. If you are, however, make sure you rearrange your schedules to check out sets by Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights as well as Sarah Jaffe.

But since you're probably in the metroplex area, my guess is that you are looking for a show closer to home. The options may be slimmer this weekend, but there are still enough quality shows to keep you busy. I'm keeping comments to a bare minimum this time around, just know that if it's on the list, it's worth considering.

Lovie/The Monco Poncho (Bryan Street Tavern)
I'm not sure who's headlining, but according to Lovie, this is their last show of the year.
Telegraph Canyon/Low Red Land/Seryn (Lola's Sixth Street)
This is the CD release show for TC's The Tide and the Current. If you haven't seen the band in the past year or so, you should see how the band's sound has evolved. The CD will probably be on many Best of 2009 lists.
The O’s/Whiskey Folk Ramblers/Frank Smith (Boiler Room)
My love of The O's is well known, but Austin act Frank Smith (that's a band, not a person) grabbed my attention with their stripped down set at Double-Wide last weekend.
RTB2/The Theater Fire/Mimicking Birds (City Tavern)
This is another show where I'm uncertain of the order in the lineup, so get there early to ensure you don't miss RTB2 or Theater Fire. Sorry, I don't know anything about Mimicking Birds, so I won't say you should or shouldn't miss them.
The Marfalites (Banderas)
I've only been in Banderas once, and that was for the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase. I must say, however, that the sound at the venue that night was top notch. Oh yeah, The Marfalites are pretty damn good as well.

Dove Hunter (Lee Harvey's)
I'm finding fewer good options for Saturday, but this is easily my number one Saturday pick.
Johnny Lloyd Rollins (Jack's Backyard)
It's been too long since I've seen Mr. Rollins in action. Word on the streets is that there'll be a new album out shortly. All I can say is that it's about time.


nimbusthegreat said...

let's also not forget felons and fate lions at the grotto in ft worth.

Marfalites said...

the Marfalites <3 you, GOBL!

"The Ghost" said...

I <3 Marfalites as well, so we're even. And yes, nimbus, that was a significant oversight on my part. Thanks for mentioning not only Felons, but Fate Lions. Between that show at The Grotto and the Telegraph Canyon CD release party at Lola's Sixth street, Fort Worth is pretty happening tonight.

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to the War Age? They played a great set at the Aardvark in Fort Worth on Saturday