Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Happening Night... for a Wednesday

Usually, I don't give recommendations for Wednesday nights because, well, Wednesdays aren't exactly the most happening evenings. It's a rarity to have a good show on a Wednesday night. Tonight, I have not one, but two recommendations.

The first act I would recommend is Emmeline at Lakewood Bar & Grill. She plays there each Wednesday this month, and having seen her several times, I must say that her shows are always a pleasant treat. My friend John Keener compares her sound to Laura Nyro. I can't comment on that comparison as I am not familiar with Ms. Nyro's work, though to me she sounds like a piano-centered version of Joni Mitchell. I believe she goes on at 8 tonight, so it'd be an early evening for those worried about going to work the next day.

The second act playing tonight is Luna Matto, who will perform at Opening Bell Coffee. My original intent was to write a full length article on the band before the show, but alas, time didn't allow for that. So I'm going to give this brief comment here: the set by Luna Matto and her band not only blew me away, but I think that this is an act that has more potential to break out of Dallas than any band I've seen in the past few years. Yes, they are THAT good. Go check them out tonight, and thank me later.

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