Friday, January 11, 2008

Tonight, you need to be at Dada

Again, I have had too long in between postings. Call it the curse of having a real job. It would be awesome if I could make this my job, though frankly, I don't see how that could happen.

Enough whining about that though. Let me know whine about something completely different. Tonight will be the final show of one of my favorite bands to ever emerge from Dallas. The Chemistry Set calls it quits after six years of making some damn good music. Lead singer Steven Duncan and keyboardist Meredith Knoll are leaving this fine city for greener pastures as Mr. Duncan pursues getting a degree in History and eventually becoming a teacher. I wish Steven the best of luck in reaching his goal; his future students will be lucky to have him.

The Dallas music fan however, is not so lucky. Who will be here for us, writing tunes like "Lee Minor 7", "New Hope PA", and "Two Stars"? Steven's songs have been catchy pop gems that are always musically ambitious with intellegent lyrics, yet never going for the "look at me I'm smarter and hipper than thou" mentality that is so prevalent in the indie scene.

As sad as it will be to lose Chemistry Set (and believe me, this is a sad thing indeed), let us take a moment to celebrate their music. That moment shall be tonight at Club Dada, as Steven and the gang play with Calhoun at Club Dada tonight. Yes, there are other shows happening tonight. I cannot think of a single show, however, that can compete with bidding farewell to Chemistry Set (although honorable mentions go to King Bucks and Blue Petal playing at Double Wide tonight). So come on out and say goodbye to one of the best bands to ever grace our fine city.

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Cindy said...

I'll see you there honey! I can't believe they are finished. Sucks...for us.

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