Friday, January 4, 2008

First Weekend of the Year, and We’re Off to a Good Start!

Sometimes the year starts with a lull in good shows, but not this year. In fact, this whole month seems to be jam packed with sweet shows. We'll deal with the rest of the month later, but for now let's take a look at your options for Friday:

Emily Elbert/ Blake & Kate/Fat Palace (Opening Bell Coffee)
I believe this is Emily’s first show in Dallas since she left for Boston to attend college. She’s studying at Berklee, and word has it that she received a full paid scholarship to attend there. I was talking to a friend at Opening Bell last weekend, and he said that she was very talented for her age. My disagreement with his statement is not about her level of talent, but that she’s so talented that there shouldn’t be the stipulation about her being talented “for her age.” Her skills on the guitar surpass most people who are twice her age. If she is this talented at 18, I cannot even fathom how phenomenal she will be five to ten years from now. Enjoy her now while you can, before she explodes on the scene nationally. That will only be a matter of time.
Chloe Day/Lovie (Club Dada)
The pairing seems a little odd. Other than the fact that both artists are female (and attractive), I see very little in common between the two. The darker electronic vibe of Chloe Day doesn’t seem to fit with the fun, poppy sound of Lovie. This show is still worth going to though, and any opportunity to see Lovie is always a good thing.
Boys Named Sue (AllGood Café)
These guys did a great job at the Longhorn Ballroom this New Year’s Eve. Check them out in the more intimate venue of AllGood, and while you’re at it, get some good food to eat and a nice cold beer.
Fishing For Comets (Wooden Nickel)
If you missed them last Saturday at my musical showcase, then you should hang your head in shame and regard your life as a failure. OK, so that’s going too far, but their performance that evening was so great that words cannot give full justice to it. If you were there, you understand what I’m saying. If you weren’t there, then you should, no scratch that, you must drive out to Ennis and capture a little piece of the magic you missed.
Somebody’s Darling/The Dirty Sound/The Come Latelys (City Tavern)
I have a feeling that 2008 is gonna be a big year for Somebody’s Darling. They seem to have come out of nowhere and have suddenly exploded onto the scene. Lead singer Amber Farris knows how to do two things real well: work a crowd and belt out tunes. Her soulful take on Southern rock style music will leave you wanting more, so check them out while you can still see them as a venue as small as City Tavern.
Bugs Henderson (Dan’s Silverleaf)
In spite of the name of the blog, I really don’t know a lot about the blues scene in Dallas. Here’s what I do know; Bugs Henderson is greatness personified. Why he hasn’t exploded onto the national blues scene is totally beyond me. I think he’s the best blues musician to come out of the city since the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Even if you’re not traditionally a fan of the blues, his shows are entertaining enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. So while the nation is missing out on the joy of Bugs, the city of Dallas can enjoy him and regard him as one of our best kept secrets.

The fun doesn’t stop on Friday, kids. There are three cool show options for Saturday also.

The New Frontiers/Quiet Company/Chase Pagan/Tides/Kristin Leigh/Klickitat (The Prophet Bar)
I’m recommending this show solely on the strength of the two openers, Kristin Leigh and Michaela Kuenster’s project Klickitat. I’ve never seen either live, but the songs on both of their myspaces are quite intriguing. Kristin Leigh leans more towards a dreamy folk-pop sound, while Klickitat has a very Aimee Mann vibe (think “Momentum” but quirkier). Both artists go on my “need so see live” list.
Pleasant Grove (AllGood Café)
This band seems to be one of the most universally liked and respected bands in the metroplex. It’s almost as if liking PG is membership into the “cool people” club. So check them out at AllGood. After all, you do want to be cool, don’t you?
Dove Hunter/Happy Bullets/JD Whittenburg/The Felons/Travis Hopper (Club Dada)
Haven’t seen Travis Hopper, but I really dig all the other artists. And if that isn’t reason enough to go, then come to Dada to say goodbye to Andrea Grimes as she leaves our fine city for greener pastures. And if you’re going to say goodbye, this show proves that she will leave with a bang!

You’ll probably find me at Dada Saturday night, though I may try to swing by Opening Bell on Friday to catch the incredible Emily Elbert. With so many good choices though, it’s hard to decide. At least this the fun kind of hard decision.


The Tara said...

There's soo many great choices!
Thank you.

bill h said...

Hope to see you Saturday, Happy new year! I love Dove Hunter.

bill h said...

It was great to see you. What a great evening of music!