Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Lucky Thirteen: 2/17/13

I've decided to move the Lucky Thirteen from Monday to Sunday, because starting tomorrow, I begin a new feature called Kickstart Your Workweek. What is that, you ask? Find out tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are thirteen totally awesome songs for you. As you may have noticed, I have moved from Grooveshark to Spotify for my playlists. On one hand, there is the disadvantage of a more limited song selection with Spotify.  What I like, however, is that my understanding is that artists get compensated when their songs are played through the service.  It may not be loads of money, but nevertheless, every penny (or fraction of one) adds up.  I'd encourage any artists who would like their music to be part of the Lucky Thirteen to add their works to the Spotify catalog.

Now, for what you've been waiting for, the music...

  1. "Just One More (Monolith)", These Machines Are Winning
    It's safe to say that if Dylan Silvers is involved in a project, it's gonna be good. Whether he's working with other bands (THe Deathray Davies, The Polyphonic Spree) or his own efforts ([DARYL], The Crash That Took Me), I cannot think of a single exception to this rule. His newest project, These Machines Are Winning, maintains the same level of quality I'd expect from Mr. Silvers. This is more of a return to the electronic music he played in [DARYL], though with a more modern indie dance aesthetic. My only complaint: what's up with these freaky masks on the album cover and in the "Fornication" video? Kinda weird and creepy.

  2. "Supernatural", Rahim Quazi
    Rahim, you said in 2011 you'd release your follow-up to Supernatural. Then last year, you promised that it would REALLY for sure be released by the end of that year. 2013 is here, and still there is no new album from you. If this album doesn't come out soon, I'm going to start shouting out requests for Boston songs at your shows. You stand forewarned.

  3. "Ripper", The Roomsounds
    The Orange will finally release their first full length album, and the CD release show happens Saturday at Curtain Club. Unfortunately, the new music is not yet available on Spotify. So instead, I offer up The Roomsounds, who are sharing the bill with The Orange. Consider this another reason why you need to be at Curtain Club Saturday

  4. "Low Wishes", Air Review
    I loved this song when it was first released as a single, and I still love this song, now the title track of their new full-length.

  5. "Old News", Hawk vs. Dove
    Combining elements of prog-rock and sludge into a hypnotic yet thundering sonic landscape, Hawk vs. Dove's self titled debut album is nothing less than amazing and captivating. Fans of everyone ranging from True Widow to straight ahead rock need to check this out. Also, for those who like good drumming, Dallas has no finer drummer at this moment than this band's Joe Hardy.

  6. "Annul", Parallel Play
    You remember last year that Parallel Play's Jeremy Drake put on a pretty folkin' cool lineup at The Prophet Bar. Expect more good times the Big Folkin' Festival 2, happening Saturday, March 30th.

  7. "Four Leaf Clover", Old 97's
    Rhett Miller, why do you hate me so? Last year, you start a tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of Too Far to Care, my favorite album, then put your show up against my 5 year anniversary show at Curtain Club/Liquid Lounge. Now you return with the tour, and put the show on a school night (Thursday at Granada Theater, to be specific). Come on Rhett, help a long time fan out, won't you?

  8. "Like Waking Up From the Longest Dream", Dustin Cavazos
    Had to put this on the Lucky 13 again because I'm just digging this song that hard.

  9. "Bragging Type", Trey Johnson
    Mr. Johnson has a new project, The Family Piano, and the first single "We're Together" is available on iTunes. I'd love to put "We're Together" on the playlist, as it yet another argument in favor of why Mr. Johnson is arguably this town's best songwriter. Alas, the track is not on Spotify yet, so I leave you with this wonderfully fun track from his solo debut, Mount Pelee.

  10. "You Ought to Know", The Phuss
    After years of creating blistering rock anthems, The Phuss have settled down, creating beautifully introspective folk music. Don't worry, fans, I'm just kidding. No, The Phuss rocks as hard as ever. If you doubt that, listen to this track, then see their show Friday at Sundown at Granada. It. Will. Rock. Hard.

  11. "You've Got Your Heart", The O's
    New music from The O's is on the horizon! The band will hold their CD release show for album #3 (not sure of the name of the album yet) Friday, August 19th. Telegraph Canyon and I Love Math open the show. Expect this to be a serious, somber event. Again, I'm just kidding; every O's show is a big old party.

  12. "Bet You Know", Vinyl Pilot
    Typically, hearing that a band opened for Forever the Sickest Kids is not the strongest endorsement in my book. But after both hearing their songs online and seeing them perform live, I can say that this band knows how to bust out some great rock and roll tracks. They'll perform next Sunday at Prophet Bar, and I suspect they'll have copies of their new EP, Beautiful Disaster, available for purchase. And yes, you'll want to make sure to pick it up before leaving.

  13. "Run Run Run", The Chloes
    Simply put, a great song from a great album (Vanish) by a great band. Any questions?

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