Monday, February 6, 2012

The Lucky Thirteen: 2/6/12

When I began my shows on Deep Ellum Radio, I felt that doing a weekly playlist on top of my show would be redundant. Since I have not been able to record as many shows as usual, I'm thinking that a return of the Lucky Thirteen may be in order. So without further ado, here is this week's Lucky Thirteen. Also, forgive my briefer than usual commentary today. My brain is having a bad case of the Mondays.

Standard playlist disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email address to email me your mp3's. If I like the song, then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

  1. "Gambling Preacher and His Daughter", Whiskey Folk Ramblers
    Not only is this the strongest song I've heard from the band, the video for the song is quite impressive and intriguing. Don't just take my word on it. Pause the playlist and give it a watch right below.

  2. "Your Kiss", Parallel Play
    Time for a shameless Crown and Harp plug: check out Parallel Play, along with The Black Frames and Police cover band Regatta de Faux, this Friday night. A mere $5 cover gets you thru the door for this fine night of music. OK, my sales pitch is done... for now.

  3. "My Niagra Heart", Spooky Folk
    I did a little search for Spooky Folk in the Grooveshark catalog, and to my surprise, there were a number of their songs available. After hearing this song repeatedly on The Local Edge with Mark, it inevitably grew on me. By the way, if you're not listening to his show, you're really missing out.

  4. "City Bus", The Boom Boom Box
    The Boom Boom Box released their first full length CD, Until Your Eyes Get Used to the Darkness, last month. It's full of everything you expect: thundering guitars, fierce percussion, and Andrew Huffstetler's trademark scream. And yes, this is meant to be played very loud.

  5. "I'm Goin' Nowhere", The Chloes
    This weekend breaks the cycle of three consecutive weekends watching The Chloes play. I'm not a stalker. Honest.

  6. "sEVEN", Ducado VeGA
    Congratulations to Mr. Vega. This past Saturday, he and Zenya (keyboardist for his band, Bloodrich) got married.

  7. "The Story", Emmeline
    Emmeline is one of the contenders for the Hard Rock Rising 2012 contest. The winner gets to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in London. There are a lot of great acts competing, including Ducado Vega, Gypsy Bravado, Jessie Frye, Quincy Forte Johnson, and, well, too many more to mention. Click here to vote for your choice. And when you vote, you get to download a free track from the artist (in Emmeline's case, it's "The Story). How cool is that?

  8. "The Man with the Golden Snack", Old Snack
    This is the only way that an Old Snack can be tasty.

  9. "Sound City", The Burning Hotels
    I have to confess that "Beard", the lead off single from the band's self titled CD, didn't grab me as much as I expected it to. This track, on the other hand, is a much more appealing foray into new wave. This song helps prove "Allison" was no fluke.

  10. "Schoolboy", Kirby Brown
    Mr. Brown will be playing what's called The Valentine Blues Ball at LaGrange this Saturday, along with Quaker City Night Hawks and Dead Mockingbirds. Looks like this should be a good alternative for those needing an Anti-Valentine's Day celebration.

  11. "I'm Not to Spare (Live)", Tweed EQ
    Siren Sea are playing at The Crown and Harp on Friday, February 17th for their CD release show. I don't have the new album yet, therefore I cannot share any material. Instead, I offer you a live Tweed EQ track, since they're sharing a bill with Siren Sea.

  12. "The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower", The Deathray Davies
    Mr. Dufilho will be releasing his second solo CD in a matter of months. It's an ambitious project to say the least, with guest vocals from many of Dallas' finest (Sarah Jaffe, Salim Nourallah, Will Johnson, and Ben Kweller are just a few names). Reportedly, he'll also release the 6th DRD release this year. Here's hoping that happens.

  13. "I Only Have Eyes for You", Emily Riddle
    This is a song I've been wanting to share with my Deep Ellum Radio listeners, but have not had the proper opportunity to do so. It's a little more pop than what I usually listen to, and yet between Ms. Riddle's lovely voice and the intriguing melody, this track has set up a permanent residence in my head. See if it has the same effect on you.

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