Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Crowning Achievement

  • Sons of Sound

  • The Chemistry Set

  • Hi-Fi Drowning

  • Pleasant Grove

  • The Happy Bullets

  • The Deathray Davies

  • THe BAcksliders

  • Somebody’s Darling

  • Pale Horse

What do all of the bands in this list have in common? They are among the great bands I have had the privilege of watching (and in some cases, discovering) at The Cavern. The Cavern was a magnet for first rate bands. The shows were incredibly fun, especially when the not very large space became packed with an energized audience. Earlier this year, The Cavern changed its name to The Crown and Harp. It was more than a change in name; the bar received a complete transformation to a more pub like feel. The bar also significantly increased its selection of beers (always a good thing). And while the venue has continued to book quality bands (Goodnight Ned and Tweed EQ jump quickly to mind), there has been a misperception that the venue is not as interested in booking live acts anymore.

That’s changing right now.

I am proud to announce that I, The Ghost, will now be the head booking agent for The Crown and Harp. I consider this to be a great privilege to be responsible for the quality of entertainment found at this establishment. After all, for many years The Cavern had Spune as its booking agent, and Spune was never lacking in great bands to bring to the venue.

So what is my vision for The Crown and Harp? It’s very simple: I plan to bring some of the best local acts (plus a few non-locals) to the venue. I believe that the most important factor in any live music venue’s success is the quality of bands that perform there. As mentioned before, The Cavern consistently had a great track record for bringing quality entertainment, and I will make certain that The Crown and Harp continues with that track record. Be on the look out for bigger name local bands in the coming months at The Crown and Harp. I already have a number of fine acts playing this and next month, including The Chloes, Suzanne Kimbrell, and California band Case in Theory, among others. If you’re a musician who would be interested in playing The Crown & Harp, let me know. Send an email to, along with some mp3’s or videos. I invite all of you, both musicians and music lovers, to experience a Crown and Harp show in the very near future.


Camille said...

look forward to it! thanks for all you do and your love for zeee music!!!

Camille said...

Appreciate all you do and I love your LOVE for music and the people around you!!! xoxo

Mark Landson said...

Awesome news! I look forward to returning to what was previously one of my favorite venues!