Thursday, September 25, 2008

For Those About To Download, We Salute You

For those who are friends with THe BAcksliders on MySpace, you've probably noticed that they have been offering up free downloads right before they play a major gig in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Tomorrow night they play at the Fairmount, along with Goodwin and the cut*off (one of my absolute favorite bands in Dallas). So this week, they have offered up their song "Wedding Day" as the free download.

Obviously, I would encourage you to download the song if you don't have their CD, You're Welcome, yet. More importantly, I hope it encourages you to make it to the show. They performed at my GOBL showcase this past year. While I watched their set, I remembered that in March of this year, I said that Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights might be the best live band in Dallas. After THe BAcksliders finished their set, I was ready to retract my statement. And by the way, congrats go out to JT&NL, who were just picked up by Atlantic Records. But here's a thought for any record execs reading this blog: THe BAcksliders, unlike JT&NL, are unsigned... for now. Just trying to give some food for thought to any record company bigwigs in need of a great new band to sign. That's all.

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