Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 6/13/10 - 6/19/10

My goal was to compile a Lucky Thirteen playlist consisting solely of artists that I was unfamiliar with and that deserved the exposure. Several acts sent me mp3's, and I thank all of those acts which are featured on the list. I'm always game for checking out new music, so feel free to send your mp3s to and if I like your music, you'll probably wind up on an upcoming playlist. Now, onto the music.

  1. "Virtue and Vice", The Virgin Wolves
    When Kristin Leigh, member of Pale Horse and a singer/songwriter herself, sent me this track, I knew it was worth a listen. I have liked the previous efforts she's been involved with, and The Virgin Wolves (she plays bass in the band) is no exception. This particular track shares a certain sonic common ground with bands like The Strokes and Jet, but adds an aggressive, driving beat not found in the previous bands. Fans of local bands such as THe BAcksliders and Dead Twins should take strong notice. If you want to catch the band live, they'll be performing Wednesday night at House of Blues Cambridge Room opening for Grupo Fantasma.

  2. "Hush", Anna Thomas
    This song is amazing in its own right, but when one considers that Ms. Thomas is merely fourteen years old, it boggles the brain. Her voice is simply gorgeous. Catch her this Saturday at the Lone Star Wine Cellar in McKinney.

  3. "Today", Tauvy

  4. "Perfect 4 Me", Tauvy
    Thanks go out to Mark from The Local Edge for retweeting my messages encouraging musicians to send me their mp3s. It is through Mark's retweeting that Tauvy Thomason (or simply, Tauvy) discovered the blog and sent me his music. "Perfect 4 Me" is a very pleasant, laid back jam, but I'm even more partial to the groove of "Today". He told me that this is a rough version of the demo, but I love the raw soulful vibe in this track. Feel free to clean up the track, but not too much. The charm in this song is undeniable.

  5. "Untitled", Chris Norwood
    For some reason, Hypster does not like this song, and does not want to load it. I guess Mr. Norwood just isn't as "cool" as Ke$ha, Lil' Wayne, and all the other artists that are so popular on the site (please note the extreme sarcasm in my voice). Please, take a moment to click on the link to his MySpace page (note that all artist have links to their site except for Thom Dork, whose url is unknown).

  6. "Citizen", El Cento
    The goal of this playlist was to give exposure to unknown musicians. So here I thought I'd give some exposure to this band lead by local unknown... Don Cento??? Mr. Cento has played with Chomsky, Shibboleth, Trey Johnson's band, and has been nominated more than once in the DOMA's for best musician. While Mr. Cento is hardly an unknown in the local music community, this project of his has not garnered as much attention as one would expect. It's a shame, as this track displays the intelligent brand of pop that one would expect from any project of Mr. Cento's.

  7. "Take Your Time", Violent Still Life

  8. "The Only Constant Is Change", Violent Still Life
    Fact: I'm normally not a fan of most all instrumental bands. Most instrumental bands make for pleasant background noise, but rarely do they command attention. There are exceptions to that rule for me; Explosions in the Sky quickly jumps to mind. Violent Still Life is another exception to the rule. With melodies this good, who needs a vocalist?

  9. "Animals", Thom Dork

  10. "Miss in Black", Thom Dork
    Here's a nice double dose of quirky indie pop for my readers.

  11. "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", Captain Incredible
    In the band's email to me, they said this track was a tribute to one of their heroes, Johnny Cash. While I can't quite her The Man in Black in the song, there is a certain heavier country-punk style to this song. Fans of Spector 45, Rev. Horton Heat, and Slick 57 might want to take note.

  12. "Forgotten", Smiling at the Ceiling

  13. "I'm All Alone", GaydenLee
    Okay, so both artists have been on previous playlists. I included these tracks because I discovered each through emails. Smiling at the Ceiling came highly recommended to me thru the incredible Sarah Crisman, and Erin from GaydenLee contacted me and sent me their CD. Both acts might have slipped under my radar had it not been for the emails. Sarah and Erin, my eardrums thank you profusely.

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Anonymous said...

I'm listening to this list as we speak. that 14 yr old can really sing. also great mix of sounds on this playlist. keep up the good work.