Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Top 40 of 2011

What a crazy year 2011 has been. Fortunately, there has been an abundance of great music to be found in the metroplex this past year. I have compiled my forty favorite tracks of the year, and counted them down yesterday on Deep Ellum Radio. The show will rebroadcast tonight at about 6 pm 8 pm or so, but now you can follow along with the official list. And let's hope that 2012 brings us as much quality local music as this past year did!

  1. "Get It on the Floor", LehtMoJoe
  2. "Space Blanket", Darstar
  3. "Good to Hear Your Voice", Homespun Remedies
  4. "16 Candles", Morning Elephant
  5. "Wired to Make Waves", Nervous Curtains
  6. "Bonnie & Clyde", Goodnight Ned
  7. "San Francisco", Dead Beat Poetry
  8. "Fake Museum", Raised by Tigers
  9. "Someone Else's Blues", Greg Schroeder
  10. "Steampunk Jetpack", Sealion
  11. "Daylight", El Cento
  12. "Eyes Get Bigger", Oil Boom
  13. "So, Within", Seryn
  14. "Tight Wound Gears", Camille Cortinas
  15. "Wimbledon", Soviet
  16. "I Know a Thing or Two (About You)", Tweed EQ
  17. "Girl Watchin'", The King Bucks
  18. "Dial M for Snack", Old Snack
  19. "Open the Night", One Red Martian
  20. "Nazarene", Madison King
  21. "I'm Goin' Nowhere", The Chloes
  22. "On the Ground", Rude King
  23. "When You Rest", Sarah Jaffe
  24. "Fortune Teller", Jessie Frye
  25. "to the 9's", hormones
  26. "Mine", Emmeline
  27. "Low Wishes", Air Review
  28. "Like a Charm", Here Holy Spain
  29. "Father Abraham", Analog Rebellion
  30. "German Chocolate Cake", Bravo, Max!
  31. "Red Palomino", The Demigs
  32. "Tryin' to Have a Good Time", The O's
  33. "Turn on Your Radio", THe BAcksliders
  34. "Schoolboy", Kirby Brown
  35. "Skull Eyes", True Widow
  36. "Set Me Free", The Red 100's
  37. "You Pressed the Crash Button", Novaak
  38. "Never Too Late", The Electro-Magnetics
  39. "With You I'll Travel", Menkena
  40. "Indian Melody", Calhoun

Finally, as a bonus, I leave you a video of Calhoun performing "Indian Melody" last June at the Kessler Theater. Enjoy!

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